June 15, 2013

Demians - Mute (2010)

I just realised that three years have passed since the release of this alternative/progressive piece of excellent music and unfortunately, a third offering from Demians has yet to be confirmed, which leads me to the necessity of having to make you listen to this band.

Which is actually the solo project of french musician Nicolas Chapel, who first started recording songs under this name in 2007. If you’re one to have heard the names of Steven Wilson or his main band, Porcupine Tree, then you’re probably familiar with the music of Demians, but if you’re not, well, this is the time to rejoice!

While being quite a bit less pretentious than the debut, Mute is the kind of album that feels more like a collection of songs, rather than a whole comprised of several parts. For that, you’ll have to listen to Nicolas’s first opus, ‘Building An Empire’. 

And while the whole thing is great per se, I find that the softer melodies composed by this fine gentleman here are always the best that he can come up with, so I’ll have to recommend as a first listen the slow, brooding wails of probably one of the best chilled out songs there can ever be. You’re free to call me a partially emotional bastard, but this piece relaxes me very much, contrary to its quirky feeling of weepingness. So there it is,

and once again, rejoice in Demians!

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