May 9, 2013

Valfader - Whispers of Chaos (2013)

Following yesterday’s post about The Lone Crows, today’s featured album artwork is yet again dominated by a crow motif (or raven, I don't really know the difference), yet these guys opt to show the metal side of those big, bad, feathered birds.

Quoting their own words, Valfader are ‘three guys with valved amps, big drums and heavy riffs’, determined to pound their way into every metalhead’s skull, and then stay there and pound some more. Following a somewhat subdued intro (actually, forget subdued, it’s heavy as fuck) with the instrumental track Whispers of Chaos, it’s not until the second song that vocals are introduced and my god, do they fit well. I could have probably listened to the whole album only as an instrumental release, but it definitely wouldn’t have been the same. The somewhat ‘viking-ish’ touch these guys add to their vocal delivery makes every line sound like a war chant, and rightfully so: the third track, Death Meets Truth, takes the riffing to a whole new level and adds a blistering guitar solo to spice things up (not that the other tracks didn’t have any, I just liked this one more).

Closer track Sacred Spiral has a few mellow moments to it, but don’t be fooled: the riffs are there, bigger than ever, vox start showing some extreme influences and drums are louder than your mama’s fat ass when she starts falling down the stairs. I mean, the outro is made for pillaging villages, blasting open homes, raping women and killing children! With that said, there’s just one more thing I need to add this review, after I post their bandcamp page from where you can get this shiznit release:

“Long live the true King of the North, Valfader! May the Gods deliver back my hair so I can headbang joyfully to whatever they decide to release next. Amen!”

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