May 28, 2013

Kristina Si - Ну ну да

Just some russian chick singing about hell knows what. I can't understand shit, but it's pretty catchy. I guess she's all about not being slutty and attracting men through brains, not looks. The revealing clothing and ''yeah I'm such a bitch'' attitude confirms that.

If you dig it, you know, go learn Russian or something, I don't give a fuck.


  1. Fast forward two years and we find young Kristina strung out on some crazy Russian drugs and vodka soaked tampons. Living in a Minsk squat with her Tatar pimp named Pyotr she entertains clients with unspeakable perversity. Her favorite client a sassy lad called Marco.

  2. In the words of a good friend I had, "The only country I will never visit is Russia".

    PS: Sadly, he went to Russia once and died, brutally killed in an illegal street fighting tournament.