May 10, 2013

Astronauts Really Fly - Astronauts Really Fly (2013)

Nope, this is not an artsy space rock album filled with trippy rhythms and cosmic journeys -  that’ll be Jonathan’s area of interest. Astronauts Really Fly is a kinda disco-friendly 4 track EP submitted by, you guessed it, Astronauts Really Fly.

So let’s cut to the chase and concentrate on the ‘’kinda-disco-friendly’’ aspect of the EP. I used the word ‘’kinda’’ because you can clearly see that it’s meant to be disco-friendly only from an instrumental standpoint. Lyrically speaking, it’s as depressing, gritty and blunt as it can get, and that contrast is what really drew me into it. There’s nothing like spitting rhymes about the ups and downs of life, painful break-ups, putting…  uhm, people into comas, overcoming depression and dark subjects in general on a friendly beat. Guys, if you ever decide to release a full album, can you make a song, in the same spirit, about the Nanking rape? I’m 97 % sure it won’t offend anyone if you use samples from My Little Pony. You know, radio-friendly. Just saying.

Anyway, ARF’S self- titled EP has been out for a while now, so make sure you check ‘em out on Facebook and Soundcloud. Now.

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