May 30, 2013

KADAVAR "Abra Kadavar" (2013)

Bussiness in the front, beards in the back.
After the astonishing self-title debut from german psych-rockers KADAVAR a.k.a."That Beard-Triangle Band" have returned with another assault of pure riffage and cool attitude. Look at them! How can they not be cool?!! As for the album, I'm gonna be direct here, this album is good, but not nearly half as good as their first effort, for the sole purpose that "AK" lacks feeling, whereas that first album could take you places without even trying drugs in the first place. 

"Abra Kadavar" tries to be a little heavier and faster than the first one, and it succeds, but it always feels like it's hollow on the inside. It's got no core, just like the cover. They could have done something a lot cooler, at least throw an electric guitar in there, because we've already seen their psychedelic lumberjack faces on the self-title.

In order to put this in perspective, I give you my alegory for both the Kadavar records: the first album is a calm swamp, filled with ghouls and goblins underneath the full green moon, never knowing what to expect from the hazy, yet scary wilderness. The second album is a sormy desert, cool in itself, but the more you sit in it the more redundant and rough it becomes. It's not very pleasant, but you can deal with it for about ten minutes. The desert is cool in itself still, but compared to the swamp, it doesn't stand a chance.

7/10 dude

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