September 30, 2013

Underground Metal Fest @Club Fabrica - A Gonzo Report better than Chester´s take on Rockstadt

I may have been lacking in activity here on Tzeeeac, yet bear in mind that ´there is no rest for the wicked´, as last Friday I attended an awesome show courtesy of some local bands that keep the spirit of metal strong. 

After meeting with some friends who had arrived from my hometown for the evening (actually, after waiting for them for about forty minutes, apparently they got lost in the ´Gara De Nord´ train station, place is fucking huge) we slowly headed towards the fest location (Club Fabrica, a metal joint), a trip which normally would have lasted about half an hour. 

However, our thirst was in need to be quenched, so midway through our city hike we stopped in a dark alleyway to work out directions towards where exactly we were going and to drink a shitload of beers bought from a local freelance goods dealer; that is until the local police discovered us and we had to take off with the quickest of feet, lest I was going to kill them all. 

After another fifteen minutes or so we arrived at our desired destination and noticed the place was half-empty, although two bands had already taken their fair share of time on stage (Arkham and Distorsion, maybe I´ll see them on some other occasion). One of us followed in after being subjected to a careful search from the bouncers, with conversations of the likes: 

´What you got there, pretty boy?´ 
´Umm, a bag…´ 
´And what might there be in that bag, huh?´ 
´Umm, another bag…´ 
´And in that one?´ 
´Booze and dope, of course!´

Finally, we were all granted passage. We headed to the stage where the lads (and ladies) from New Age were performing sound checks. We greeted the frontman, the mighty Haos Abbath whom we knew personally, then proceeded to the VIP area where quality romanian cognac and vodka (Milcov and Săniuța) were handed to us for free, along with a complementary/optional lap dance for each of us from the club´s entertainers. We all opted for it, of course.
New Age (Heavy/Thrash)

Shortly after New Age started playing I remember complaining a lot about the bad sound. We were in front of the stage and vocals and bass were barely audible, technical flaw that was somehow fixed for the following bands. The energy coming from both the band and crowd was uplifting and there were a lot of viking chants in which everyone yelled from the top of their lungs ´Țâțeee, țâțeee!´ (romanian word for breasts) while mosh pits were slowly starting to develop. 

Followers Kamen (artists formerly known as Neisseria) grabbed everyone´s attention with their unique brand of thrash metal of which I was already aware, but I felt I needed to hear more of. Heads started banging, mosh pits started forming again and a couple of beers later their show was already over. Godt gået, lads!
Kamen (Thrash)

Next up were the guys from Negative Core Project (female stockings and all) and the night was closed by a local Pantera tribute band called Domination. Needless to say that in these two shows everything went batshit crazy, beers were thrown around, mosh pits grew increasingly bigger and dangerous, threatening to swallow the whole crowd, all the ladies had their bras removed and threw them towards the male metalheads and lastly, I had a giant trekking boot stepping on half of my face while the owner of the boot was flying around at crowd head level (imagine a stage dive gone bad).
Negative Core Project (Groove/Deathcore)
After all was said and done (well, mostly screamed and done), myself and the buddies that accompanied me headed out of the venue and into the limo that was waiting to take us home. I yelled at the driver ´Towards the Pui de Urs Hotel in Grozăvești County!´ while at the same time refusing the favors of the in-car entertainers deemed at our disposal. My body was already too aching and sore to do anything else. 

We arrived ten minutes later at our penthouse, I tipped the limo driver with a hundred ron bill (roughly thirty bucks ) and then all of us went to sleep, perfect closer for a night we would all remember, skipping either showers/meals. Because a true metalhead never washes after a live performance! (unless one wishes to rediscover his lost Metallica t-shirt).

P.S: Some events in this story may have been fictionalized in order to increase the artistic value of the article. The club location was already known to me and surprisingly, the bit with the trekking shoe is entirely true; luckily for me there was no physical damage suffered in the process.

And now some useful links for you to follow (pics + facebook band pages):

Negative Core Project

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