September 4, 2013

Echo Park - Deluge (2013)

The day has finally come, people... about a month ago, but hey, it's never too late to slightly boost some band's popularity through your cool and hip music website.

This time around, our second favorite ''park'' band (the first one being Linkin Park; sorry, guys) came with four brand new songs, fresh out of the studio for your enjoyment. This really surprised me, to be frank, because I thought that they'd include the three songs they've already released, add one or two more, upload it on bandcamp under the ''EP'' tag and gig the shit out of England. Which would've been totally cool, don't get me wrong.

So, how does Deluge stand out from the rest of their material? Well,  it's more focused, more refined. It's clear that the boys have taken the feedback they (probably) received seriously and started working on their sound and everything. The fuzzy guitars are back, only, uhm, fuzzier, the drumming has improved considerably and the lead singer hasn't lost his voice to booze and cocaine yet, which is always good. I don't like quoting my own articles (I totally do), but FYI, the ''too pop for rock, too rock for pop'' tagline is still up to date.

So, take some time off 4chan or any other respectable website you frequent on a daily basis and support these guys either by liking their Facebook page or buying the damn thing off their Bandcamp portal.

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