September 17, 2013

together PANGEA - Snakedog (2013)

The cover reminds me of MGMT's Alien Days.

In the year of 2013 we've seen some bands who've tried to link their music to a certain attitude,which could be associated with Los Angeles,and not entirely coincidentally bikers. The outcome of such attempts was either a love-hate reaction (Arctic Monkeys) or instant hype for the band known as together PANGEA.

Their latest single entitled Snakedog was released in August (the 20th) but leaked earlier intentionally so the hipsters could actually make it skyrocket into some superbly awesome soundtrack to your summer adventures, thing which actually happened. The masterpiece that they managed to create was both unique and in good taste, dotted with aggressive guitar solos. It sounds like the love child of QOTSA and Cage the Elephant, which was forgotten in a garage, found instruments and made this.

Well they must have a reason for doing so right? -It's simple, they used a 4-track tape machine in their early stages (by that I mean one teenager, lead vocalist William Keegan), moving on to encountering more of the band's active members. The good part about these stages was that they could explore and combine the various music styles and elements that they've brought to the table.

As an ending note I would like to rate this release:
9/10  WOW SOHIP.

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