September 12, 2013

Tribulation "The Formulas Of Death" (2013)

I just have a huge huge love for albums that contain cool extreme metal, yet have very chill and artistic artwork, like calm paintings or whatnot. No, Watain, I said "cool" extreme metal (yet the cover for "The Wild Hunt" just might be the greatest one yet this year). This being Tribulation's second album, follow up to the superb "The Horror" LP (2009), it deserved a couple of listenings and a damn fine review, as it features some damn fine tracks. Stacking at about a little over one hour of music, it's a double LP that's sure to take you strange places until you look like that green lady up there.

First of all, even as Tribulation's debut album was quite Entombed and early-Tiamat-inspired, on "Formulas" they have really crafted a sound of their own, and boy is it cool, fresh and extremely original. This album is about 40% instrumental parts, a lot of solos, harmonies and such, all coming together and forming the Tribulation sound, complete with echo-y guitars and Dissection-like breaks between riffs. Yes, the Dissection influences are clear and punctuated here, but the band is really doing a thing on their own.

All in all, a very unique, interesting album that surely packs a punch. The future of swedish death metal is here, and it's name is "The Formulas Of Death".


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