September 2, 2013

Crown Larks - Catalytic Conversion

Hello and good morning, my beautiful people. How are you? I'm fine, thank you very much. Well, not really, I've barely gotten any sleep last night and I'm in a dick-punching mood. Unfortunately, this thing I'm about to review is pretty good, so I'll have to reserve my unnatural urges for something else.

Anyway, Crown Larks. Supposedly, they're a psych-jazzy-something-thingy group hailing from Chicago, Illinois. But what they're NOT telling us is that they're in fact an ancient race of  alien super-mutants who have infiltrated our precious society in order to enslave us using their soothing, lo-fi sound, mellow vocals, precise drumming, trumpets, distorted guitars, pianos, strategically placed synth-sounds and... Fuck, sorry. As you can clearly see, I'm deliberately rambling on just to cover the fact that I have absolutely no fucking idea what to say about these poor folks. They've combined jazz with freaking post-punk, for crying out loud. And it's awesome. Also, they're aliens. What could you possibly want more from a band?

Now  shut the fuck up and go check them out on Facebook, Bandcamp, or any other mind-controlling device they've brought from wherever they're coming from. I mean, social media. I'm going to sleep, catch ya later.

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