September 11, 2013

American - Demo 2013

Some days, you just feel like a piece of shit.

Some days, nothing seems to work out for you.

Some days, everything seems pointless.

Some days, you've been sitting around all day, barely doing anything productive at all.

Some days, you think of calling it quits.

Some days, you'd go get some beers, but you just don't want to leave your house.

Some days, you wallow in your own filth.

Some days, you feel disgusted with yourself.

And on rare occasions, a piece of music just happens to drop by, perfectly capturing your shit mood.

This is one of those occasions.



Hardcore / Sludge / Black Metal / Noise.

Buzzing guitars.

Horrible shrieks.


It's the perfect sonic companion for tonight.

Thank you, dudes.

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