July 18, 2012

Those Who Lie Beneath - An Awakening (2009)

In case you haven't yet had time to let Marco's AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENT truly sink in (hint: he's going to write something), here's a great band from Portland, Oregon who took the core elements of death metal, added br00tal dethkore moshing bits and breakdowns, sprinkled some melodic death metal solos here and there and then mixed it all together and baked it in the Oven of Awesomeness. The result? An Awakening, Those Who Lie Beneath's debut album. I've been listening the shit out of this album this past week simply because it's fun and accessible while also being engaging and interesting to listen to. The vocals and general  moshcoreness of it all will probably offend death metal purists and make them shit their pants in anger - which makes it all the better!

Recently, though, they have decided to go a bit easy on the deathcore act and head towards a more straight-up evil death metal road, taking sepia-colored promo pictures with goat heads, candles and shit. They became a three-man unit and they've released a new EP called Antichrist, which you can listen to in its entirety here. It's not a huge musical departure from their previous style, so I'm guessing the fans aren't really upset about the sudden change. Plus, being a satanic death metal band means you gotta stop wearing those stupid plugs if you want any sort of street cred, which is in everyone's best interest.

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