July 13, 2012

BR00TAL FRIDAY: Voracity - Demo (2012)

Today I'm in the bullshit capital of Bucharest on some legal business and I'm riding around in smelly buses while dodging the infernal heat, which means I'm not around for Br00tal Friday. This post was actually written yesterday, so it's kinda like you're reading a message from the future. Or the past. Dinosaurs. What?

Anyway, fear not, as I'm most likely blasting some sweet death metal either way - you know how I be - and I'm still here to bring you our weekly feature. Voracity is a young up-and-coming brutal death metal outfit from fucking Ukraine, which should already make your slam sense tingle, because everybody knows the Slavs got it going on. Their self-titled demo shits forth six tracks of unapologetic slam death insanity complete with gut-churning guitar chugs, plenty of blast beats, ultra-low gargled vocals and even some pig squeals thrown in for good measure.

It's promising stuff, as these guys keep it pretty oldschool, delivering the sick jamz like in the days of early Devourment. So in short, GET THIS. By the time you're reading this, I'm hopefully done lurching around the big city and I'm cooling off at Burger King. Oh wait, I can't, because Burger King has packed their bags and left. FML.

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