July 24, 2012

Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation (2010)

I'd  bore (see what I did there?) you to death by talking about this Scottish band's debut album and the utterly crushing mix of brutal death metal and deathcore they provide and their young female vocalist who sounds like a huge burly dude puking his guts out on record and the white guy moshing, but my orc warrior isn't gonna level itself. And honestly, what is there to say about this, really? If you like brutal death metal sprinkled with slamming deathcore bits, you'll surely enjoy this.

Don't worry though, as both I and Marco have some really cool articles coming down the pipe really soon. Marco is currently working on three separate posts about God knows what (probably his favorite forks for eating pasta because he's a gross Italian slime ball) and I will bring you a post on an amazing movie soundtrack and another food post, where I will talk shit about my country's national dish. EXCITING STUFF GOING ON.



  1. I think my neighbours are not going to enjoy Cerebral Bore as much as myself. MOAR VOLUME!!!