July 16, 2012

PORNOGRIND MONDAY: Clitgore / Necrovile

Much to the delight of at least one die-hard pornogrind maniac/TZEEEAC minion who's been really distressed about its disappearance, Pornogrind Monday is finally back, after two weeks of absence. The disturbing lack of bands that sing about being raped by animals on this blog has one simple explanation: I keep forgetting it's Monday because I'm an idiot.

Anyway, this week's Pornogrind Monday is super special, because it features not one, but two sweet Romanian bands. Granted, they both share half the members or so, but, in the words of Eddie Izzard, THAT DON'T MATTER, I SAY AGAIN - YOU FUCK MY WIFE?

First up, Clitgore is a pornogrind/goregrind band started in 2007 by Necrovile's bloody nurse and bassist, Ela. She actually set out to create the pornogrind version of Spice Girls, which would have been fucking awesome - imagine, an all-girl pornogrind band! Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find a full roster of girls who could play instruments AND be willing to sing about violent sex, so Clitgore ended up with a bunch of boys manning the instruments and vocals. That's still cool, though, because they're one of the funnest bands I've had the pleasure of seeing. I've attended two of their live shows and both times I had a gay old time as I was dancing like a maniac to the groovy beats of songs like In the Forest of Big Boobs or Anal Party. As far as I know, they're currently working on their first full-length album, but no further details are available.

Necrovile, on the other hand, is I guess the main project of these guys. They play straight-up brutal death metal and they have released a studio album called The Pungency of Carnage waaaaaaaaaay back in 2009. No real surprises here, it's just well executed death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, complete with horror movie samples, as a nod to Impetigo, which I'm sure they're huge fans of. I've also seen Necrovile twice - the transition from Clitgore to Necrovile involved unplugging the mp3 player that had the programmed drum tracks and bringing in a real drummer - and I had a blast, even though the second time I was wasted from the Clitgore set so I had to sit down pretty much the whole time Necrovile played. LOL.

Well, that's it. Hope you give these guys a spin and catch them live if you have the chance, it'll be FUN. Catch you on the flippity-flop!

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