July 6, 2012

BR00TAL FRIDAY: Gore Obsessed - Blood, Boobs & Gore (2010)

Today's BR00TAL FRIDAY feature is a sweet one-man band from the Netherlands called Gore Obsessed. This dude is a total scumfuc and he plays some great blood-soaked grinding death metal in the vein of Blood Freak, Fondlecorpse and Lord Gore.

If you're familiar with any one of these bands, you already know what to expect: grinding guitars, sweet grooves, distorted bass, simple and effective drumming, sickening gurgled vocals and a complete obsession for sleazy giallo, exploitation, grindhouse and slasher movies.

You can download Blood, Boobs & Gore and most of Gore Obsessed's terrific material straight from the official website for free, which I think is mighty cool of this guy. Get creepy!

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe I'm saying this about a deathgrind band, but the chick on the cover is pretty fucking hot.