July 13, 2012

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - 13 Above the Night (1993)

I've been listening to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult's 1993 opus 13 Above the Night all day today, while riding the bus to and from the mighty Bucharest city. MLTKK were (still are, actually) an American industrial-electronic music group who are responsible for perpetuating some of the best electronic tunes ever conceived on Planet Earth. I'm way too tired to start writing endless paragraphs about how awesome these guys are, so I'm just going to urge you to listen to this ASAP. However, what I am going to do is copy the notes I made on a piece of paper while listening to this and nearly falling asleep. I think it'll be a more concise way of letting you know what's up with this album and it'll also allow me to go to bed early. So, without further ado - because I need my rest after eating a shitty pizza in the fucking railway station like a homeless person - here are my notes on 13 Above the Night:


- paranoia

- city lights

- evil

- dystopian cybernetic future

- electronic/soul/funk/industrial

- sexy music

- lots of B-movie samples

- Matthew Hopkins, Witch Finder General 

- the soundtrack to dancing the night away inside an alien disco


- devil worship

- also the soundtrack to driving across the urban wasteland while apocalyptic outlaw bandits riding on motorcycles shoot at you

- past and present members include people with names like Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy, Sinderella Pussy, Sekret Dame DeZyre, Kitty Killdare and Dick Fury.

If none of my notes make you wanna print out pictures of the album cover, put them in a blender, add water and strawberries, blitz it all into a smooth paste then smear it all over your nipples, I deem you small and worthless. GET GROOVIN' MOTHERFUCKERS!

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