May 9, 2012

Pasta Carbonara - My one true love

I've had a long lasting love affair with pasta carbonara ever since I first tried it as a child, God only remembers when and where. It's pretty much the best pasta dish ever and quite possibly my favorite food in the whole world. There's just something about the richness and creaminess of the parmesan & egg sauce combined with the wonderful taste of cooked bacon and the simple delight of al dente pasta that makes me go berserk whenever I think about pasta carbonara. Like, seriously, all you need to do is show me a picture of a great carbonara plate and it'll send me flying to the nearest supermarket to buy the ingredients so I can cook a pot full of the good stuff. This is my comfort food and, if I were on death row, I'd probably choose a hot plate of delicious carbonara as my last meal. Most restaurant carbonara I've tried has been good, no bad experiences on this front. I just find it a lot more satisfactory and enjoying to make it myself. I'll just blast some catchy hard rock like Gotthard or Shakra and cook a pot full of carbonara like it's nobody's business. Ask me if I give a fuck. I don't.

As far as my recipe goes, in case anyone wants to know, I keep it simple. I boil the pasta (I usually use spaghetti) to a nice al dente and in the mean time I dice some onions and some pancetta (bacon works too) and throw it in the pan with some olive oil. I then make a sauce out of 2-3 eggs, grated parmesan cheese (or whatever hard, salty cheese I have lying around), sour cream and some hot water from the boiling pasta, then season it with lots of pepper. The sauce should have a consistency similar to runny sour cream, if that makes any sense. You'll feel it. When the pasta is cooked, I drain it and throw it in the pan, then take it off the heat, add the sauce and vigorously mix everything together. The heat from the pasta alone should be enough to cook the eggs in the sauce, but not scramble them, so you don't end up with a huge pasta omelette. And yeah, I know adding cream and onions isn't traditional or authentic or whatever. But it tastes damn good, so naysayers piss off.

Usually, my spaghetti carbonara ends up looking like vomit, but I don't mind. It's fucking DELISH. It's so good that I skip the plate altogether and just eat it from the pot like an animal. Here's some pictures I took of the pot after only one serving was (hopefully) left, which I will eat tomorrow morning before heading out to class. I can hardly wait.

Paradise in a pot.

So in case you were wondering if this post is going anywhere, rest assured. It isn't. I've only been listening to Burial these last few days as I've been way too busy to check out any other new music, so, instead of some idiotic ramblings about a random band no one cares about, you get a food post. I hope that's alright with you. If not, go have some pasta carbonara. It'll make you feel better.

To close things off masterfully, here's more pictures of pasta carbonara I've collected off Tumblr for this post. I'm just gonna make myself hungry again.


  1. Your mo(i)st adoring fanMay 9, 2012 at 9:29 PM

    Chester, bear all my babies, forever.

  2. The Schrutes produce hungry children.