May 30, 2012

GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Terror in America: Live 1993

In the spring of 1993, GG Allin was released from prison once again after serving the remaining year of his sentence. He was ready to continue his mission to destroy Rock & Roll and rebuild it in his name. In April, he would once again join forces with The Murder Junkies, who were anxiously waiting to stand beside him in battle. After spending time in a NYC studio recording their final album together, GG was ready to continue his onslaught against society and anyone else who stood in his way. His anger had escalated, and he was spiraling completely out of control. -

This is great shit and it needs to be seen and heard by everybody. I don't care whether you think GG Allin was hot shit or he was a menace to society and should have been locked away in a cage or if you don't really care about him. There's no denying that this is some insanely catchy punk rock that's balls-out fun and instantly headbang-able. Getting beat up at a show doesn't sound immediately appealing, but this looks like it was an amazing show. OUTLAW SCUMFUC.

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