May 5, 2012

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Self Titled (2006)

 This is a reaaally difficult and frustrating article to write.  It’s  the kind of band that writes music of such a high level of whatthefuckness that it  constantly baffles and leaves you wondering: what’s the point? Well, basically, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is a project started in 2000 to compose music for already existing silent movies… and… and… and that’s about it. 

Their self titled 2006 album picks up the formula mentioned above and goes freaking menstrual with a clusterfuck of genres, ranging from jazz, acid, and some sort of mutant form of electronic/dubstep, which creates an eerie sound that I was never able to label or comprehend . There are moments when I find it to be the perfect kind of background music while sleeping or studying ; sometimes, it makes me giggle and imagine a slasher movie with a zombie Frank Sinatra as the protagonist. But then comes that moment when it creeps the hell out of me and .chester finds me three days later hiding under my bed – random samples and chaotic drumming alternated with silent parts (both long-lasting and brief) which are briefly interrupted by high-pitched noises. 

 In the midst of this computer generated madness, the jazz thingie works pretty well and it made me realize how limited and prejudiced people are  about this genre.  Be honest with yourself: what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘’jazz’’?  Annoying trumpets, lame saxophones, impeccable looking lead singers… The things that give your grandmother wet dreams well into her 80’s. But here, the jazz element is freaking awesome:  it’s dark, gritty and experimental - it’s like watching Sin City, minus the cartoony violence and a raging Mickey Rourke. 

But ambiental as it might be, this is definitely not the kind of album you’d play while having some sexy time with your girlfriend. And not just because she’d immediately file for a restraining order on account of you being such a creep that you played it  prior to  sexual intercourse, but because you’d be distracted from all the other goodies this record has to offer. Although TDKE comprises all the necesary characteristics, I wouldn’t call it a concept album, because then we’d assume that it seeks something when it’s really not the case here.  It’s all about expressing emotions and ideas through sound; it’s about drawing surreal images that leave you in a state of wonder  and, finally, it’s about  pure atmosphere. And holly hells, ladies and gentlemen, that’s one very well crafted atmosphere, to say the least – it’s mysterious, charming,  and it sucks you in right from the very beginning. If this album were released in 2012, it would have definitely been my first choice for the most atmospheric album of the year.  Unfortunately, Tzeeac Inc. lacks the proper technology to time travel, so I’ll have to postpone this for sometime in the future.

TDKE is one hell of a jazz/electronic/ambiental album and it never ceases to impress me, no matter how many times I listen to it or how difficult and frustrating it is. 

One more thing: how the fuck is it possible for a band lacking a Wikipedia page to have TWO million scrolls on Come on, people, I’m expecting some answers. It really bugs me.

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