April 18, 2012

Seabear - The Ghost That Carried Us Away (2007)

Seabear is an Icelandic 7-piece indie-folk group made up of a bunch of guys and girls with unpronounceable names and these guys are seriously one my all-time favorite bands that don't sing about killing prostitutes or whatever. They basically just gather in the main singer's living room with their acoustic guitars and ukuleles and they play lo-fi, mellowed-out, hippie-hippie-shake folk music with soft, whispered vocals. Their lyrical themes mostly revolve around the beach, running around barefoot in the grass, writing poems to your perfect girlfriend and petting small furry animals - and you know what? I love it.

You know what else? Even if you don't like it, you still deserve a warm hug, because we're all under one sky and we should all be nicer to each other.


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