April 5, 2012

LABEL HIGHLIGHT: Grindcore Karaoke

Since I mentioned it in my previous post, I couldn't help sharing Grindcore Karaoke with you. Basically, Grindcore Karaoke is web-only label run by Agoraphobic Nosebleed's J. Randall, who just sort of scours the web for obscure grindcore bands, gets in touch with them and, should they accept (and what idiot would turn down J. Randall?), their shit will be promoted via this label.

There's a truckload of great grindcore to be found here, as I managed to count just under 200 albums that you can stream and download for free. Most of it is pretty obscure, but I have managed to find some stuff that even I have heard of, like Gigantic Brain, hip-hop juggernauts Death Grips and, uh... no, that's pretty much it.

Anyway, I'm sure you can trust J. Randall's impeccable taste in music that sounds like robots and wolves fighting over lit firecrackers, so get in there and start ghettoblasting. HATE YOUR NEIGHBOURS!


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