April 20, 2012

A Bunch of Kids Cover Some Rammstein Songs (and it's pretty creepy)

In case you haven't had the pleasure of watching these little bundle of joys yet (I saw it about four days ago, so it's old news by Internet standards), here's a video of a bunch of kids who call themselves Children Medieval Band covering a song by Rammstein.

Normally kids playing music doesn't do much for me. They're weird, uncoordinated, sloppy and they have crappy voices, not to mention they usually sing about flowers and ponies and being happy and whatever. Much of this is true of this vid as well, but then there's the added creepiness of the whole thing. The guitarist is looking into the camera like he plans on murdering me, the keyboard girl is just kinda there and that little girl on the drum... well, I kinda half-expected her to start heavily bleeding from her blank, expressionless eyes, let loose a banshee-like shriek, grow demon wings and tear out the curtain behind her.

Luckily, the occult demonic forces have stayed away from these innocent tykes and all we're left with is a pretty good, though a bit awkward, Sonne cover. About half way through it, the boy starts singing the lyrics in Romanian, so there's that, too. They've apparently been trained with EarPower, a software designed to help you mimic sounds by ear.

Anyway, enjoy the original song (by the way, I have some serious Rammstein nostalgia after watching this) and the cover by Children Medieval Band while I go see a local hardcore/powerviolence band and probably get injured in the process.

UPDATE: Wait, hold the presses! They also have an Ich Will cover and a Du Riechst So Gut cover, in which the girls provide backing vocals and the singer breaks out the Romanian lyrics again. You are going to watch all of these.

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