December 2, 2013

În Criptă - A Forest of Ambiances (2009)

It looks like my activity on this website has reduced to precisely dick these past few months. Normally I'd be pretty bummed about it, but seeing how great life outside blogging about obscure blackened post-drone bands has turned out lately, I'm not too worried. My writing dry spells come and go, as the TZEEEAC years have shown, so I'm pretty sure I'll return to full blogging form at some point in the future. 

Anyway, for today's sporadic contribution, I decided to be a bit cheeky and show off some of my own music. My close friends (read: very big nerds that happen to know me for several years) are familiar with the now-legendary În Criptă, my one-man bedroom black metal/ambient/drone band that I was (too) actively involved in about 4-5 years ago. Basically, it was just me fucking around with a guitar and FL Studio while being heavily influenced by BEZNĂ TVCI, the true kings of Romanian bedroom black metal. I've managed to be quite prolific, releasing (read: uploading on Rapidshare and posting on forums about it) 6 albums, mixing black metal, drone, ambient soundscapes and field recordings in various quantities and with varying degrees of success. 

Hearing everything again after all these years is weird and slightly endearing. Some of the songs are terrible, while others are amazing and they make me wonder "damn, you magnificent bastard, how the hell did you record these sounds?". A Forest of Ambiances is În Criptă's most ambient-sounding release and also the most soothing one, relying heavily on synth pads, simplistic programmed drums and some field recordings. I've probably fallen asleep while listening to it multiple times in the past. 

And now you can too! I've discovered it's still up on my Mediafire account, so you can download it, have a listen and tell me what you think. I'm currently uploading the other albums too, so I might make a follow-up post and include the full discography. I am not above self-promotion. 


this is me trying to be Burzum dont hate pls