December 20, 2013

Astrakhan - The Pillarist EP (2013)

Long-time TZEEEAC readers will undoubtedly remember that Canadian metal and Chester wondering why the fuck Canada is such a breeding ground for amazing metal music are recurring themes on this blog. Well, it's that time again! The time were we showcase another kickass Canadian band.

This time, Vancouver residents Astrakhan are in the spotlight. Their new EP The Pillarist is simply put a sonic Godzilla, laying somewhere between the borders of sludge, doom and heavy metal. Huge, Mastodon-like riffs combine with soaring vocals, excellent drumming, catchy hooks and blistering solos to define the sound of one of Canada's most promising new metal acts. In absence of any other words, one could say this EP simply ROCKS and that would be enough to warrant a listen. Except I've been banging my head to these two tracks for the past two days, so that would be somewhat misleading.

As I've said before, hailing from Canada is a great way to know that a metal band is probably really fucking good. Astrakhan are no exception to the rule and you should check out these two songs. Then you can join me in hoping these guys will put out a full-length album. They sure sound like they've got the chops to pull it off.

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