August 7, 2013

RORCAL - Világvége (2013)

Here's an album I've been meaning to write about ever since I first listened to it back in Spring, but I've somehow put it off until I forgot all about it. Luckily, a friendly email from Lost Pilgrim Records brought this Swiss band back to my attention and hopefully into yours, as well, because they're really worth it. 

Világvége stands as RORCAL's third full-length album, among a bunch of EPs and splits. The title is the Hungarian word for "apocalypse" and this is exactly what you're getting on this album: the soundtrack to the violent end of this world.  After a funeral dirge of an opener, Világvége moves on to its second track called D, which is basically 9 minutes of non-stop punishment. From the get-go, you're being beaten into submission my some rather repetitive, but absolutely crushing guitar riffs, complemented by intense drum kit abuse and some really horrifying, throatripping vocals that befit the name of the release.

After making sure you are appropriately obedient, RORCAL turn up the speed and, for the next three tracks (II, V and IV) you are being thrown into a violent blizzard of shrapnel-like riffing and explosive drumming, while the vocalist takes it up a notch and just keeps on screaming until he pukes out his lungs. These three songs are definitely one of the highlights of this album, giving you a huge dose of blackened crust punk hyper-aggression.

VII mixes things up a bit and brings in some post-rock atmospheric sensibility, softening the blows slightly, adding in some quieter moments (well, maybe "quiet" isn't really the right word here...) and giving you a chance to catch your breath. And you're going to need it, too, because you're being thrown right back into the meat grinder on the second to last track, VI. The band's black metal influence is more than apparent on this track, with its flurry of malignant riffing and blast beat drumming. The song bleeds right into VIII, the album closer, which takes a sudden turn towards black/drone territory at around the 2:40 mark and finishes things off nicely. And by that, I mean you're left a crippled mess, eager to press Play again and start the torment all over again. 

Thanks to Lost Pilgrim Records for getting in touch and thanks to RORCAL for providing me with some of the most soul-crushing music of 2013. My innards appreciate it. Check it out for yourself below and say  hi to the guys on their Facebook page.

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