August 18, 2013

Mouth of the Architect/Kenoma - Split (2006)

My oh my, seems now like a very long time since I passed up on TZEEEAC a sludge recommendation and while I think of it, this 'little' record here would be perfect for anyone to make up their mind if they want to pursue this kind of music in the future.

Composed of only three tracks (one from MotA and two coming from Kenoma) and passing just over the 37'th minute mark, these songs feature all the basic elements of a post metal/sludge release (occasionally even post rock), and combine them with aplomb into a enjoyable, 'easy to take into' listening experience, without having to rely on the mammoths of the genre for an introduction.

Plod away now, musicheads, and behold the numbness of oceans...

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