August 1, 2013

PLANKS - Funeral Mouth (2012)

Another band came by way of astute hardcore aficionado Volo, PLANKS hail from Mannheim, Germany and they play an eclectic mix of suffocating yet enthralling music. I wouldn't exactly describe it as Marco black metal, even though the post-rock elements and occasionally emotional lyrics would tempt me to. PLANKS cleverly enrich their music with long tremolo-picked parts which remind me of black metal, pounding doom-metal bits, as well as fast, crunchy riffs that bring some welcome aggression to the mix. The vocals are pretty much angry barks in the style of oh-so-many metallic hardcore bands, but hey, I can't really complain about that, can I? 

Instagram band pics. Can't fuck with that, either.

Luckily, this German trio does an outstanding job of combining these elements and making them fit well together, creating a really atmospheric record that's likely to appeal to a pretty wide range of tastes. Alternatively, you could ditch Funeral Mouth and go for their 2010 album The Darkest of Grays, if you'd like to skip the emotional foreplay and go straight to having your face fucked off by a much heavier sonic beast. Shit is INTENSE. 

Whichever route you wanna go, you can find it all on the PLANKS Bandcamp page, along with a whole bunch of split releases and stuff. Plenty of putrid meat to be gnawed off these bones.

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