November 12, 2012

Loungerie II Ep (2012)

I know, I know, I’ve barely written anything in the last months and when I did, the only thing I could do was vomit endless rants about one thing or the other.  But today I’m here to make it up to you guys by offering you something really sweet.

 Loungerie II is a jazzy/noire/indie-ish band hailing from Bucharest, Romania, the lineup consisting of vocalists Andreea Tincea /Andrei Bucureci, guitarists Catalin Lungu / Dan Michiu, bassist Doru Boeriu and drummer Daniel Iliescu.  Since I’ve been playing LA Noire for a week now and ignoring anything that has to do with my social life and well being, so has my interest in jazzy/noire nonsense has grown to a limit that not once .chester had to drag me screaming and punching out of the bars where I was telling everybody that I’m Humphrey Bogart.   

Thing is, this is not your usual lounge experience because the music can get pretty heavy and… uhm… hip-hopish at times.  Rather than sticking to one simple formula, Loungerie II chose to adopt a wide variety of styles and sounds, ranging from jazz, indie, alternative, funk, with some hints of hip-hop and electronica added to the mix.  Doing this is usually very risky and can result in a clusterfuck of monstrous proportions, but fortunately, Loungerie II managed to make it work for the most part. The ‘’heavyness’’ I mentioned before makes its appearance on Nightdriver, when Loungerie II starts kicking ass with some badass riffs.  I found myself surprised by the sudden change of pace (which is not a nice thing to happen when you’re trying to pour juice next to your desktop) from the trippy Doina Jazz and funkish EVE.  Obviously, if my computer starts malfunctioning I’ll sue their asses to Nirvana. TZEEEAC needs a tabloid scandal from time to time in order to survive. 

Yeah, so, my computer malfunctioned and the scandal is now public. Judging by the look on her face, The Supreme Court of Internet Critics ruled in their favor. Shit.

The instrumentals are, well, you know, jazzy and shit, from the guitars to the drums, which is as depressing as it is chilling, because it’s the fall of autumn, my balls are freezing and all I can think about is summer.  There’s nothing like listening to an album that is gushing with warm summer breezes in the prelude of fucking Valhalla. All jokes aside, the songs have that bittersweet tone, which makes them relatable to everyone. They’re very personal and full of emotion, making me shift between sadness, melancholia and happiness.  It’s worth to mention that this could not have been possible without Andreea’s delicate but powerful voice, accompanied by Andrei’s clever lyrics. Sadly, most of them are in Romanian, but if the guys are willing to make an accurate translation, I’ll be more than happy to share them with you.

Obviously, Loungerie’s EP is not without its problems.  I felt at times overwhelmed by the wide variety of sounds and influences and the sudden shifts in pace, which left me disoriented.  It loses focus and we all know that sidetracking could lead to some dire results when it comes to music. Also, some elements should have been toned down (like the rapping segment of Orasul ) and approached in a more subtle manner.   I know, I’m nitpicking, and fortunately, this didin’t affect my overall experience with the EP.

All in all, Loungerie’s EP is a great debut and with some minor adjustments and a better focus, their next release will be as enjoyable as this one was. 

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