August 30, 2012

Varathron - His Majesty at the Swamp (1993)

Let's keep the Greek metal ball rolling, shall we? Varathron hail from Greece and their 1993 debut album His Majesty at the Swamp is one of the quintessential releases of the Hellenic underground metal scene. Comprised of three dudes called Necroabyssious (vocals), Mutilator (bass) and Necroslaughter (guitars), Varathron plays a brand of crudely produced, atmospheric black metal with a melodic edge that's beautiful at times and downright terrifying at others. If you're thinking it sounds a lot like early Rotting Christ, well, that's because these two bands shared several members over the years, including guitarist/vocalist Sakis Tolis, who contributed guest guitars on Lustful Father.

A few songs drag on a bit further than needed, but overall, His Majesty at the Swamp is a solid debut that will impress listeners with its excellent guitar work and brooding atmosphere. It has aged very well and it still holds its own to this day.

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