August 3, 2012

Jesu – Heart Ache (2004)

Since chester put up his last post for a while (he says he’s going away, I can only imagine him having to sit still in front of a table full of trance-induced zombies that eat shaorma non-stop), I’m going to serve you another silver plate of quality music that will (guaranteed) make you forget about food for at least twenty minutes (see what I did here?).

I’m gonna have to keep this brief though, since tonight I myself am going away for a couple of days to a place granted to us by the gods themselves, sculpted in alcohol and drenched in a postulate for non-abhorring decadence, a place known to the mortals as Vama Veche. And in this vein onward, Justin Broadrick’s (not Bieber) self-produced EP after the fall of Godflesh seemed just the right choice as a hot-fix for me and hopefully for you lot.

Basically, what we have here is a two-track EP that stretches for about forty minutes (yes, I know, for some bands that would be enough for a full album). It’s part drone, part doom, part rock, part metal, part ambient and yet 100% pure quality (I’m probably sounding like a dope dealer now…) AND it contains one of the sickest guitar riffs I’ve heard in my whole life (scroll to 4:48 of the second track if you don’t have the patience to listen from the beginning). So let’s cut to the chase here, here are the songs

and may them guide you to the infinite plains of neurotic pleasure, in which beer flows like milk from a mother's breast and where the women are beautiful and easy-going. 


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