August 28, 2012


Today's post features three albums that have been on heavy rotation on my iPod for the past week. All three of these albums - Elegy of Blood by Marauder, Desolation by Wardrum and Into the Netherworld's Realm by Wrathblade - share so many common traits that it makes total sense I'd talk about them in a single post. Here's a list of things they all have in common:

  • All of these bands are Greek
  • All of these albums have been released in 2012
  • All of these bands play epic heavy/power metal
  • All of these albums are blessed with excellent musicianship and are full of great riffs and catchy melodies
  • They also have some pretty awful cover art
  • Each band's vocalist performs in a clean voice and sounds kinda goofy, but totally awesome
  • All of the songs on these albums are tales of war, bravery, valor, fire and sword
  • All of these bands FUCKING RIP!

I'm really getting into Greek metal these days and it seems that this country is full of diamonds in the dirt. I'll most certainly be back with more RADICAL Greek metal bands, but for now, feast your ears on these little gems. Shit is entertaining.