August 17, 2012

Going gaga over Gaga: Internet commentators are idiots.

So I was just lurking around on Facebook, minding my own damn business, when I came across something that troubled me. It wasn't pictures of cancerous babies or a news story about how gross condoms were in the Middle Ages, though. It was a message Lady Gaga had posted on her Facebook page. And yeah, just to clear up any confusion, I am indeed following Lady Gaga on Facebook, because I kinda liked that Alejandro song she had a while back and I enjoy it when she posts casual pictures of herself taking a nap in the hotel room. Am I a creep? Maybe. Anyway, for those not in the know, Lady Gaga is currently touring the planet in support of her second studio album, Born This Way, and she regularly keeps her fans and followers posted on her whereabouts. Today, she posted this:

Pretty innocent, huh? Not so, apparently, because the message above spawned a shitstorm of angry comments from Romanians with nothing better to do than subscribe to updates from an artist they hate then spend their time following their every move. Here are just a few gems I collected:

To me, this level of hate for someone you barely know (and I'm being generous here, most of her detractors have no idea who she is, they just heard it's cool to hate on her) is unreal. It seems there is a handful of celebrities - Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus - who manage to get hateful comments and death threats just by merely existing. People are so bothered by other people attending a Lady Gaga concert that they go out of their way to let everyone know how much they despise said artist, even though it's an exercise in futility.

It's also an exercise in being a total dick, a terrible person and an overall waste of human skin. Whenever I see people like these, I know immediately that we have nothing in common, we could never have any sort of meaningful relationship and that it's better to just tune out from all the shit they're vomiting onto the world. I don't understand why you can't just quietly ignore an artist you dislike and instead have to bitch and moan about it and make a huge scene like a kid in a supermarket. It's so useless. Nobody cares what you think. Nobody is gonna suddenly have an epiphany and go "My God, this handsome bloke is right. Lady Gaga does suck! Imma throw out my cds." NOBODY CARES. Your opinion on anything doesn't matter. Your retarded comments aren't changing anyone's thoughts. So why do it? Look, it's easy. I hate Shakira, for instance. I think her music is horrible and that she should quit making it. But do I go around posting shit on her Facebook page and publicly wishing for her untimely death? No. I just ignore her and sometimes contemplate how much better the world would have been had her and her awful dance moves never existed. I'm imagining it right now. It's beautiful.

So I guess what I'm saying is that all this hate is truly unnecessary and pointless. These people make no sense to me. Why anyone would go out of their way to insult an artist - while at the same time accounting for one of the thousands of likes on the artist's Facebook page, go figure - instead of letting the fans enjoy their shitty Mariah Carey/Justin Bieber duet? It's not hurting anyone. That's another thing. I have nothing against Justin Bieber. I hope he lives a long, fulfilling life. All of you sheep who are endlessly parroting anti-Bieber drivel like it's going out of style - and it has! - need to shut up and carry on with your petty, miserable lives until you die and everyone forgets you ever existed.

People are goofy.


  1. perfect. lots of love, chester boy

  2. I hate those who really believe she is a satanist only because of their (shitty) blasphemous videos.

  3. I have no idea which blasphemous videos people talk about. The one for Alejandro where she's dressed like a nun or what?

  4. Yeah, and they also saw some upside down crosses.

  5. dude, cum nu te'am gasit pana acum?

  6. Păi unde m-ai căutat şi nu m-ai găsit?