August 6, 2012

The Contortionist - Intrinsic (2012)

August in Greece is apparently a really HOT time and place to be. I'm just recovering after roughly 15 hours on the road, which involved traveling by bus, plane and train and having to wait copious amounts of time on grimy railway station seats.

What I've noticed during these prolonged waiting periods is that, despite the horrific temperatures outside, rivaling Hell itself, there are always some individuals who don't seem at all affected by the heat. I'm talking about those handsome boys wearing designer clothing who always look so fucking perfect and never, ever sweat. Even though it's scorching hot outside, these guys always look like Ken dolls. Their marvelous faces are 100% dry. Their expensive, pristine haircuts aren't tainted by the smallest drop of sweat. While I'm sweating like a pig in my raggedy-ass Immortal shirt, these sweet boys look dry and confident in their fancy shorts and colorful shirts. How do they do it? Did they undergo some sort of surgery to remove their sweat glands so they don't get pit stains while dancing in their shitty nightclubs? Is it just a matter of willpower and mind over matter? Are they gods who never sweat, banished to walk among us, mere mortals, in order to incite us to aspire to greatness? Am I just a filthy, subhuman, sweaty beast?

I guess we'll never know for sure.

Anyway, here is the new album by The Contortionist. It's progressive deathcore, I guess, filled with intricate guitar leads, space-sounding synths, dynamic drumming and clean/harsh vocals. It's highly atmospheric and I strongly suggest you give this a try. The whole album was streaming on AOl's site, but I can't find it anymore. Tough luck. Here's a cool video instead.

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  1. I imagine Greece to be covered in clumps of human body hair.