June 8, 2014

N. Tesla - Lux Manifesto (2014)

This is a seriously weird name for a band. The simple machismo behind it and the fact that they approach music in such an organic, free flowing yet somewhat 'don't give a rat's ass just as long as we play what we like' type of structure, all that makes me want to put them in their own category, and that is Marco Post Metal. 

Yup, I've said it. This is basically all the things that The Ocean failed to deliver when they downsized to an actual band instead of running things like some small form of music state. Downside of N. Tesla's first LP? It's two short: thirty three minutes of screaming, howling and all around dissonant riffing is not nearly enough to satisfy my need for unpurposeful violence on a prolonged weekend. Upside? They also have a demo entitled 'Misogyny', you might want to check that out also. 

I know I will.

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