June 10, 2014

Cockblues Concerto - A warm playlist on a cold night

Tonight we bring you a masturbation-themed playlist compiled by our buddy Radu. I have no idea how he managed to scavenge all of these songs together, but I'm glad he did. To my absolute surprise, it's not just two hours of horrible pornogrind anthems about jamming jails up your pee-hole, but a really catchy collage of various bands and styles, perfect for turning you on to new music you might like. Here's what the man himself has to say about this:

I compiled a list of masturbation-themed songs, the perfect soundtrack for either sippin' whiskey in the dark or scouring your tower of power (or both at the same time!). Some classics, some not-so-classics, but if you feel like taking a break from strumming the one-string harp, all suggestions are welcome.


Have fun!

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