June 22, 2014

MUSIC NOTES: The Chewers - Chuckle Change And Also (2014)

This is the weirdest thing I've listened to in a while.

This record sounds like The Residents and an early Tom Waits met in a bar, got drunk and had sex in the parking lot. Not sweet and tender love, mind you, but the guilty, awkward, middle-aged kind of fornication that only a mid-season episode of Louie could accurately depict. This is the kind of music you write after spending at least 10 years in a cabin in the middle of some random Louisianan swamp, deprived of any sort of human interaction.

 On Chuckle Change And Also you'll find instances of:
  • folk rock with a southern gothic approach; you can think of it as a trailer-park version of Grateful Dead
  • they striped rock down to its very basics - rudimentary, churned guitars,  mesmerizing drum rhythms and bigger-than-life bass lines that evoke an overall sense of futility and despair
  • everything about this album is raw and untamed
  • dark, twisted lyrics that tackle subjects such as poor hygiene, insomnia, unemployment, boredom and awkward social interactions
  • menacing deadpan delivery
  • wry sense of humor
  • all in all, the purest americana album I've heard in a while

TZEEAC RATING: they'd better include The Chewers' music in the next season of True Detective/10

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