December 4, 2012

Dopethrone - III (2012)

Today was a beautiful day in Greece. Despite being the 4th of December, it was a wonderful, warm, sunny day, and I was feeling full of hope and joi-de-vivre. Then I remembered I have to spend the entire day at school, between 4 walls with obscured windows and powerful neon lights. FUCK ME!

The only thing that got me through this mind-numbing day was this latest jam by Canadian weed overlords Dopethrone. What you have here is 5 tracks of pure, CRUSHING sludge/stoner doom metal that's going to level your house to the ground if you play it loud enough. It's an album chock-full of slow-burning, blues-powered, ultra-distorted riffs, thundering drums, coughing vocals and contagious grooves that practically forces you to drop everything and just bang your head like a drug-addled freak. Take the occult atmosphere of Electric Wizard, the putrid grooves of Weedeater or Bongripper and Acid Witch's weird movie samples and you got yourself one hell of a record.

Highly recommended! Just make sure you open your windows before you play this, or they'll be blown away.


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