June 26, 2012


We're supposed to be on hiatus right now, but it seems posts still manage to trickle here and there on our beloved blog. I guess we can't help ourselves. We're willing to risk everything, including our lives and prospects, just to entertain you lot. Such commitment deserves recognition, applause and, dare I say, a beer or two.

Anyway, onward to tonight's post, which is a collection of random stuff that's happened or I happened about these days. First off, the new Death Grips album is FUCKING ILL. I just had to say it myself, seeing how Marco beat me to the punch and posted his thoughts on it two days ago. The Money Store is just as good, if not better, as their Exmilitary mixtape, as they managed to retain their harsh beats and caustic vocal delivery that put them on the map in the first place. This will definitely make its way in 2012's best-of lists and heads are already rolling in its wake. Check out the Death Grips website and get blastin'.

While we're on the subject of harsh sounds, take a look at this photo:

That's a grindcore band from Brasil called Baixo Calão, which translates to Bad Language. And no, that guy on the right isn't a dwarf with oversized pants, it's a dude that's missing both his legs and one arm and he's their vocalist. I think it's really cool that he doesn't give a flying fuck about his disability and that he's on stage, screaming his lungs off and tearing shit up. It just goes to show once again that grindcore isn't about what you look like, it's all about the music and its message. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much info on the band, except that they have one full-lenght album called Tu Crias and that they're going to play in this year's Obscene Extreme festival. So if you're in the area, go see their show, it'll probably be worth your time. 

Oh, and speaking of concerts, fucking WORMROT are gonna play a show in my country as part of their European tour. Too bad they're playing in the opposite end of the country and there's no way I can make it. Fuck life. At least good quality videos of their live performances have started showing up on Youtube so I can sit in front of my PC and sob because I'll never get to see them. Can anyone attending the Romania show buy me a shirt? LOL. 

Moving on, the new OM album is finally out, and oooooooooooh boy. It's good. It's GOOD. 

Advaitic Songs picks up right where 2009's God is Good left off, offering us the same trance-inducing Hindu doom (Hindoom?) we've come to love. Al Cisneros is still a demigod, coming up with same insanely tasty bass lines, while Emil Amos, the new drummer, is a worthy successor to the original Chris Hakius, pounding his drums with relentless abandon. It's a highly atmospheric album that will surely get your juices flowing. Light up and transcend the Cosmos, bros! 

Changing the subject, I want to talk about my new favorite movie snack, fucking Mexicorn!

These little bags of heaven contain roasted corn kernels coated in various seasonings. They're ultra-crunchy, they have an underlying smokey flavor and they go very well with beer. They come in three flavors, as you can see in the pic above: chili, barbecue and salt. I've only eaten the chili and barbecue ones (plain salt seems kinda dull) and they're godly, even though these two flavors are pretty similar as far as taste goes. The only down side is that there's so much seasoning on the kernels and if you eat them with your hands, your fingers are soon gonna end up being caked with orange dust. That's why I just pour them inside my mouth straight from the bag like an animal. I usually pair Mexicorn up with some good dark brews for maximum punch. Add some easy-going show like The Walking Dead (which is basically a soap opera with a few zombies popping up here and there) and voila: a wonderful mid-week evening of getting drunk at home and eating garbage. 

1% zombies, 99% crying and slamming doors
Finally, our poll concerning the weekly slam death post has come to a conclusion and there's a tie between hosting it on Wednesday or on Friday. After careful analysis - which involved taking a nap and playing with my cat for a bit - I've decided on the latter. So, every Friday will be Br00tal Friday here at TZEEEAC HQ and I will only be posting the most obscure, retarded, ultra-guttural and fun slam bands I can find. HERE COMES THE SLAMBULANCE!

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