June 14, 2012

Muknal - EP (2012)

I've spent most of today downloading and listening to various releases from SVN OKKLT, which is a fetid pit filled with some of the most horrific music I've ever heard. There's so much good shit on there, it's stupid. I urge you to check that blog out RIGHT NOW.

My choice cut for today though is Muknal's self-titled EP, released earlier this year. This enigmatic outfit hails from the US and plays what I can only describe as ancient astral okkult death metal. The cover art is pretty indicative of the music you'll be assaulted with. The whole damn thing sounds like it was recorded in a bottomless pit on a dead planet in a distant galaxy. The dissonant guitar riffs are absolutely drenched in reverb, the drums sound like distant thundering and the vocals are mere barks and grunts, echoing throughout your hollow skull. The music is enveloped in a thick, murky atmosphere that bears the stench of countless tormented aeons and is sure to send chills down your spine. This is cosmik terror at its best and even though there are only three songs on this EP, it's more than enough to ruin your pleasant evening and give you nightmares. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Cheers to JGD for the rec. Check out the EP here and be sure to browse SVN OKKLT's entire musical selection. There's enough musical torture on there to destroy several worlds.

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