June 11, 2012

CAST YOUR VOTE: Slam Death Weekly Feature

I'm planning on introducing a second weekly feature on TZEEEAC that will focus exclusively on SLAM DEATH!! It'll work just like Pornogrind Monday, so it will feature a different slam death band each week. We need more mindless moshing, damnit!

I'm leaving it to you freaks to decide which day of the week will be the day we shut off our brains and have some good old retarded fun, so check out the poll on the right and cast your votes. Monday is not an option because we already have Pornogrind Monday. You have two weeks to cast your votes starting now. GOGOGO!

You can also suggest brutal death metal/slam death bands you'd like featured on this very special day and you can also come up with dumb names for the feature. All I have so far is Slamtastic Saturday. Hit me up in the comments section with your ideas.

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